Hey there, Moonbaseians! Okay, no question, Leeman Kessler is absolutely amazing as Roger Bragado-Fischer. But have you ever wondered what it would be like to hear other folks interpret the character?

Well, whether you have or not, that’s what we’re doing! With the help of numerous other creators, we’re going to bring you a reimagined MTO Season 1 – each episode from a different voice! This Sunday, we’re bringing you Weeks 20 through 11; next week we’ll do the second half of the season. Your Rogers this time around have been:

S1E1 (Week 20): Lee Davis-Thalbourne
S1E2 (Week 19): Nerys Howell
S1E3 (Week 18): Alasdair Stuart
S1E4 (Week 17): Mandy Hall
S1E5 (Week 16): Karin Heimdahl
S1E6 (Week 15): Dallas Wheatley
S1E7 (Week 14): Sarah Golding
S1E8 (Week 13): Sarah Rhea Werner
S1E9 (Week 12): Bonnie Brantley
S1E10 (Week 11): Cass McPhee

You can find out more about the REMIXED project, including further details on all our amazing Rogers, on our website at All episodes were originally released via our Patreon page and social media.

Episodes were written and edited by D.J. Sylvis, and produced by D.J. Sylvis and Cass McPhee. Theme music is “UN-12” by RAMP. Check them out at Cover art created by Peter Chiykowski –

You’ll hear the rest of the REMIXED season a week from today! Share and Enjoy, and keep watching the Moon!

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