Setting: Toronto Fringe; Artist Alley; The Shed.

Good morning, Monkeyheads! Rehearsals have been going well for Headshots and Healing Potions, and opening night is getting close enough that we can all see it coming on our Google Calendars … I thought I’d take a moment to talk a little it about our unique and unusual venue. Of course, we want you to know where to find us – but I’d also like to tell you a little bit about what you’ll find when you get there.

I believe this is the second year that the Fringe has included an Artist Alley – a space integrated into their own Fringe Club for musicians and artists and some intriguing discussions about theatre, and of course food and drink – and this year, they’ve added two performance spaces for ‘micro-plays’, shows not only on a smaller scale themselves, but with a much smaller footprint than the average Fringe production. There’s a Tent some plays are using, the same size as the artist tents, and then squeezing into a gap they’ve fit the Shed performance space, a tiny little 10’x10′ box with a roof (and, thank heaven, a ventilation fan) that makes for the most intimate Fringe theatre experience you’re likely to see.

And there, in that Shed, is where you’ll find Monkeyman Productions from July 4th through 15th. We’re sharing the space with a couple of other interesting shows, so be sure to check our event page for the exact times / dates, but when you get there you’ll find our three actors, our stage manager, occasionally our producer or director trying to pull people in, and space for maybe a half-dozen audience members at any one time to witness some excellent theatre about the gamer experience.

You can’t buy a ticket before you go – there’s no set price, you pay what you think the show is worth, and audience space is first come, first squeezed in – so check the show times and come down to Artist Alley early! You can always grab a bite and a beer, browse a few of the artist tents while you wait (some of which I’m definitely interested in myself!), and then just look for our (newly acquired A-frame) sign outside the Shed when it’s time for the show! We’ll be waiting with plenty of close-quarters geeky entertainment.

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