Video Games Made Me an Actor

Today’s blog post is from Adam Cresswell, one of the actors in Headshots and Healing Potions, opening in a little over a week at the Toronto Fringe Festival …

The first stories that ever grabbed me by the hair on the back of my neck and pulled, those stories were capital-V capital-G show-that-shit-the-respect-true-art-deserves Video Games.

I was born and raised an RPG man, and I sport Final Fantasy colours as proudly as I do the Blue Jays (and anyone who knows me knows that is saying something). Flashback to Christmas 1993 and our late but eagerly awaited arrival to the NES. The first game to break the seal on that doggy-door cover was the original Final Fantasy. Fresh out of that black Phantom of the Opera style half-masking case, no blow needed because this baby was fresh. Yes being 3 or 4 years old I’ll admit I was still too miniature to know how the hell to play it at the time and had to be content watching my brothers face Garland from wire to wire but by the time FF3 (yes I know, actually 6 so calm yourself) came out on SNES I was finally able to mount my Chocobo and I’ve never looked back.

I spent more time in middle school making my way through random encounters than I did in the real world, I still know how many clicks it takes in Warcraft 2 for the sheep to say Ba Ram Ewe and you can take it to the bank, wait in the queue, approach the next available window, present a piece of ID and your account number and lock up your GP on it when I say Video Games are one of the 2 biggest reasons I became an actor. The greatest heroes and villains of modern storytelling were born of Video Games and once I got the taste of being those icons I knew I needed that fix for the rest of my life. Enter acting. The rest is your fourth period history. And if you don’t believe me just check my Ipod to find Nobuo Uematsu filling up more space than my contact list.

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