Enter … the Stage Manager

And this is a very special guest blog indeed – from Emma Moore, stage manager extraordinaire for Sidekicks and Secret Identities. You won’t see her at the show, at least until afterwards – but you may hear her!

Dear Reader:

Stand by for blog…(standing by) Blog one…….. GO!

And so, that’s the micro story of how I was late for my blog cue. (Cue sad trombone?) Something that should probably never happen if you’re stage managing an immaculate production like this.

As the elusive stage manager for Sidekicks and Secret Identities, for the first several weeks , some thought I didn’t exist. Others thought I was a friendly production ghost. The rest who knew the horrible truth lit a candle to pray for my safe return from the all consuming Toronto International Film Festival.

And friends, I emerged unscathed! But the fun just don’t stop. Now, I never learned to juggle, but the day I left festival I became a certified schedule-juggling-monkey, rocking festival and two new jobs at the Canadian Opera Company. And despite managing to mysteriously put together rehearsal schedules for three weeks of rehearsals, I had yet to meet my beloved cast… CUE MONKEY NIGHT IN CANADA, Monkeyman’s fundraiser spectacular. This shindig launched my corporeal debut as stage manager for the show, and I couldn’t have asked for a better introduction into such an inspiring and supportive company.

As for going forward, I thought I would write the rest of this stage management blog in a cue list:

Stand by for Thanksgiving
And GO for “Why are there so many turkeys in the grocery store?…oh right!”

Stand by for off book runs
And GO for “what’s my line again?”

Standby for tech rehearsal
And GO for “where is all the spike tape!”

Stand by for opening night
And GO for “full blown panic in the booth”*no one can hear me scream*

Stand by for curtain call
And GO for “yes I will have another alcohol, please!”

Break legs and skip cues, team :)

Your loving stage manager,


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