An Actor, A Nerd

Here’s another guest blog post – this one from actor Sean Kaufmann, who appears in two of the three pieces making up Sidekicks and Secret Identities. Reserve your tickets today to see him strut his stuff!

So…Monkeyman Productions, eh? Geek Theatre, eh? Nerdgasms Abound!

Yeah, I’m a not-so-secret nerd. I play videogames; mainly RPGs. My idea of a night out is a boardgame café with a cup of coffee and a new challenge…I am an eager Settlers of Catan fan. I happen to be one of those dangerously controversial fans of BOTH Star Wars AND Star Trek. I am a recovering World of Warcraft addict. I am preparing to finally dabble in the pencil and paper D & D Arts. There are many facets to my Nerdom, though I am a humble nerd. I bow and curtsey before all of the even more powerful nerds that populate this world – and more than likely, read these blogs.

Being asked to participate in not one, but TWO geek plays for this production was a dream come true. In Super, I play a bit of a rough and tumble actor turned idealist; contrasting that with the mild-mannered homemaker civilian in Fortress of Solitude was a bit of a challenge at first. Both have their separate wants, beliefs, and desires, yet still have a good heart and want the best out of life, both for themselves and for others. It is in staying true to their noble intentions that really allows the characters to come out and shine. Oh and acting opposite the talented Kelly Preeper makes any domestic argument an enjoyable one.

D.J. Sylvis, our devilishly talented auteur has a way with words. He knows what he wants to say and does so in a manner that brings out the insecurities and raw emotion of both the characters as well as the actors. Wrapping my simple actor brain around these golden nuggets of awesome required that extra bit of effort, but provided the greatest reward. Each word has its place and in such, a moment of clarity and explosion of brilliance.

Only the quirky, eccentric, adorable, and creatively explosive Torey Urquhart could stand up to this challenge, bringing these characters and stories to life with her signature pizzazz. Reminiscent of the affable Felicia Day, Torey has a delicious habit of seeing human behaviour in its most primal form and in her words, “trying to translate it from the Torey Brain.” With her at the helm, your visions of geekdom are safe from the hands of evil.

All in all, it has been a delightful experience so far in preparing for our momentous opening. Sidekicks & Secret Identities is a show NOT to be missed! Come on out and experience our hilarious and heartfelt hijinks! I mean, what else are you going to do? Play WOW? Warlords of Draenor doesn’t get released until November 8th … come out and play with us instead!

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