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Hey, Monkeyfriends. How are all the things? I’m completely buried in writing, directing, producing, editing, and getting ready to promote the upcoming Season 2 of Moonbase Theta, Out. Not that I’m complaining – it’s exciting work, it’s going to be so awesome and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Unfortunately, I’ve had to go back into serious fundraising mode at the same time. Three of our highest-level Patreon backers have had to reduce or give up their backing altogether. Life happens, but it’s at a particularly hard time for the show – adding the International Podcast Month episode has increased our actor fees, we’re hoping to get a bit of very special music commissioned for one of my favourite scenes, and the continuing costs of hosting pile up from month to month. I’m not going to let anything keep Season 2 from coming around, but … without more support, some of those costs will keep coming from my personal pocket, and that only adds to the worries and the stress.

I’m going to list all the ways you can support the show below. If you’re able to do anything at all, it means so much – you’re a moon-based superhero to me, to the cast, to the audience waiting for more of our story. A dollar a month is still something amazing – I can only give that myself to a lot of the podcasts I support personally, but I know how those dollars add up, and how much each one of them means. Even in the crass financial way of looking at it, a base of a number of low-level supporters is a lot more stable than a few at the highest level – it’s such a huge part of making MTO possible.

Thanks so much – all the links are below. If you have any questions, suggestions, anything – you can always email me at


D.J. Sylvis
Monkeyman Productions

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