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Hey folks! Your friendly Monkeyman here, D.J. Sylvis, with a quick message about all the stuff the company has coming to you in December! This will go out on both feeds, Moonbase Theta, Out and MonkeyTales, so my apologies if you hear it twice!

First of all, we’ll be coming to the end of Season 2 with Moonbase Theta, Out, with final episodes on December 8th and 22nd – of course, if you hear this when it’s released there will still be one before that as well, but we’re almost to the close of the season. There’s a LOT happening in those last few episodes, I really can’t wait for you to hear them, and I think they’ll add quite a bit to what you already know of what happens in this story. Also note there will be three post-season bonus episodes, we’ve announced those on Twitter – that was on our MTO birthday, which was a lot of fun and I hope you saw some of that – anyway, those won’t start showing up until January so they can wait a bit. We’re talking about December!

On December 9th we launch MonkeyTales, our new hopepunk audio fiction anthology series! The first episode is a sweet little geeky piece called Stars, about two non-binary long-distance loves looking up at the night sky together, it features Sena Bryer and Cole Burkhardt, and I’m absolutely in love with both their performances. You aren’t going to want to miss this, or the other stories we have to tell – so jump into your app and add it to your subscription list. It should be available pretty much everywhere by this point, and the trailer is in there to check out.

Finally, and I guess this is the big reveal of this message – near the end of the month we’re launching a special miniseries just for our Patreon backers. It’s called, “Moonbase Theta, Out – Before the Moon,” and it’s going to be just what it sounds like – a series of six flashback episodes focusing on our Base Theta residents back when they were still on Earth! We’ll see Michell before he was sent up, Roger and Alex having an evening in the garden at home … we’ll even see the return of Dr. Ringling and Dr. Day from our last flashback episode! These stories will go up once a month to our Patreon backers at the $5 level and above, as a special thank you for their part in making the show possible. And those episodes will be available exclusively to our Patreon for at least six months before they show up anywhere else. We’ve already started rehearsing and recording for this project, it’s going to be big fun and reveal a lot about the Moonbase crew. And as always, every dollar we make through our Patreon goes back to the creative folks making our shows possible. (You can join our Patreon at

So there we are! Moonbase Theta, Out coming to the end of Season 2; the launch of MonkeyTales with our first episode, “Stars,” and the launch of our Patreon miniseries. It’s going to be a big month for audio fiction! We couldn’t do any of it without you – you’re the tardigrades in our Moonbase, the Monkeys in our Tale, thank you so much and we’ll see you again very soon!

Moonbase Theta, Out: Before the Moon - the logo for the show is a mirror of the regular MTO logo, but with a techno house on Earth in place of Base Theta, with a large, full moon in the sky above.

Background music is “Blush” from the band Ramp. Before the Moon cover art is by Peter Chiykowski.

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