MTO – Combined Season 2

Moonbase Theta, Out

Residents of Earth! Here we are, for your pleasure to marathon … the combined Season 2! We also had a combined Season 1 back in the day, so you may want to start there – it’s a bit back in the feed or on our website.

Thank you for listening to Moonbase Theta, Out! This season was written, directed and edited by D.J. Sylvis; and produced by D.J. Sylvis and Cass McPhee.

With Leeman Kessler as Roger Bragado-Fischer, Gabriel Taneko as Alexandre Bragado-Fisher, Cass McPhee as Michell L’Anglois, Elissa Park as Nessa Cheong, Tau Zaman as Ashwini Ray, Tina Daniels as Wilder, and Jen Ponton as Tumnus. Guest appearances by H.E. Casson, Shannon Perry, Richard Nadolny, D.J. Sylvis, Leslie Gideon, Chad Ellis, and David S. Dear. 

Our theme song is “Star” by the band RAMP. Learn more about them at Special thanks to all of our supporters on Patreon – you made season two happen, and we couldn’t be more grateful to have you on our side. To learn more about how to support us and our other projects, visit And, as always, keep watching the moon. 

Please note that there are content warnings at the beginning of a couple of the episodes. We’ve got timestamps below in case you run into anything you feel the need to skip. 

Episode 1: Roger, Ashwini, Alexandre – 0:43
Episode 2: Roger, Michell, Wilder – 14:54
Episode 3: Alexandre, Nessa, Roger – 30:42
Episode 4: Roger, Michell, Nessa – 49:20
Episode 5: Roger, Nessa, Ashwini – 1:05:11
Episode 6: Michell, Roger, Alexandre – 1:24:40
Episode 7: Roger, Nessa, Wilder – 1:44:02
Bonus Episode 1: Nessa – 2:03:54
Episode 8: Wilder, Roger, Michell – 2:13:12
Episode 9: Roger, Ashwini, Alexandre – 2:29:34
Episode 10: Roger, Ashwini, Wilder – 2:48:04
Bonus Episode 2: Roger – 3:09:50
Bonus Episode 3: Moddy Sarah – 3:20:14
Credits – 3:24:30 

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